Construction materials should be of high quality, since they largely depends the successful outcome of any renovation or construction. Therefore, the choice of supplier of materials must be approached responsibly, taking into consideration all possible factors.
Buy building materials wholesale in Zhitomir is not difficult, however, to provide really worth range at affordable prices, not everyone seller can. In addition to this, it is necessary to consider the possibility of additional service, for example, targeted delivery of goods.
Working more then 10 years in Ukraine market, "KOTREK" offers its customers not only to buy quality building materials wholesale in Zhytomyr, but also quality service at an affordable cost. Your purchase can be delivered anywhere in Zhitomir, and, if necessary, and produced unloading of goods. In addition, our professional builders will carry out according to your desire mounting of equipment and most types of construction and repair work.
We offer only trusted manufacturers who have relevant quality certificates of the products.
The professional staff of the company "KOTREK" always help with the selection, advise on questions of price, quality and performance characteristics of any product. We value our reputation and are ready to meet any client, the most easing your worries from the difficult process of construction. Thousands of our regular customers will be able to confirm that to buy building materials wholesale in Zhitomir has never been as easy and profitable as in "KOTREK".

"KOTREK" performs general and specialised construction works, design of buildings and structures.

Complex construction works may comprise of the steps:

Meeting with customer
Development sketches, design documents
Drawing up of the budget documentation of the project
Equipment of the object
Implementation of the project

A satisfied customer

All performed by our company are the warranty. When performing work using modern certified materials, which is confirmed by corresponding certificates and passports of quality.

We use high-quality products manufacturers


The company "KOTREK" - official representative of TM BAUMIT in Zhitomir.

Since the founding of BAUMIT TM lightning won the construction industry in Europe by producing high quality building materials, the latest developments and implementation of nano-technology.
The main areas of the company are: insulation system paste-like facade plasters and paints, mineral plasters, adhesives for tiles and the materials for the subfloor.



Cottages, buildings and constructions


Design of interiors, exteriors, landscape design


The construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings

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"KOTREK" Ukraine

Zhitomir, street Malin,10A

TEL. (098) 499-85-86; (067) 544-96-76

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